Poughkeepsie Backstage
1986 Gigs..
Party Invite July 2nd. 1986
Palladium Invite
Santa Cruz July 20th. 1986
KK Writes: Flew to San Francisco  to catch a few Palmer shows. Saw him in Concord then Andrea and I drove to Santa Cruz, one of the favourite places he played in the 80's (Catalyst in '83, etc)...had a few margaritas before the show at a nearby restaurant and went to see another great gig. Robert let me take photos from the wings - he gave me free access.
Santa Cruz 1
Santa cruz 1a
Santa Cruz 3
Santa Cruz 4
Santa Cruz 5
Jones Beach Pierre Brock
Costa Mesa July 21st. 1986
Costa Mesa ticket
Managerial Pep Talk
Managerial Pep Talk

Days Off Are Boring....

Rather than take a dy off, in between the regular Tokyo shows and press, Robert booked the bar of The Tokyo Hilton

These are rehearsal photos- Japanese crew & Shawn, wearing the RP promo jacket everyone was given; and RP going over music with band. This is where he added “Dreams To Remember“ to the set list - after this rehearsal.

Tokyo Hilton
Tokyo Hilton 1
Hilton Bar Crew
Tokyo Bullet Train
Poughkeepsie NY
Waiting for the Bullet TraWaiting for the Bullet Train - Tokyo Station
Set List
Set List