Here's a radio interview from around 1988, just before the Release of Heavy Nova.

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Questions & Answers

1.Tell Us About "Sneaking Sally" :Answer

2.How did you dicover Reggae Music? :Answer

3.What are your earliest musical influences?:Answer

4.How did you meet Lowell George?:Answer

5.Who are your favourite singers?Answer

6.Where did "Bad Case Of Loving You" come from?Answer

7.How did the "Clues" Album come about?Answer

8.What's the story behind The Power Station?:Answer

9.And why did you not tour with them?:Answer

10.Do you like to play live?:Answer

11.T-Bone Wolk??:Answer

12.So who wrote "Some Guys Have All The Luck"?:Answer

13. How did The Power Station affect your career?Answer